Psychology Poetry

Psychology Poetry

Fight for This (Poem)

Sitting while listening to a religious song,

Feeling my soul leave my body,

Trying to find hope with this song,

Trying to bring my soul back to my body,

Wanting to believe again with the help of this song.


I keep praying even when I remain in the same situation,

At times it’s just so hard to believe,

I’m so depressed because of this situation,

Yet I’m doing my best to believe,

Oh God, I don’t like this situation.


Please God, give me the patience to keep fighting for this life,

I know you’ll take me when it’s my time to go,

I know deep down you want me to keep fighting for this life,

I know this because you haven’t said, “It’s time to go.”

So please God, help me find the strength to fight for this life.



Can’t Change (Poem)

I feel out of control,

Hard to accept what I can’t change,

Hard to accept that everything isn’t in my control,

Impatience makes it more difficult to accept what I can’t change,

A negative voice says taking my own life is in my control.


However, I choose once again not to end my life,

Instead, I let the tears fall as I feel the pain in my heart,

I ask “Why life?”

I ask “Why do you keep hurting my heart?”

I beg with the words “please life.”


There’s no one that I can beg to change this path,

Thus, I beg life,

Thus, I keep crying while I remain in this difficult path,

Perhaps I’ll get a break in life,

Perhaps there’s a bright light at the end of this dark path.

CPS (Poem)

CPS takes the child away,

CPS puts them in a foster home,

Some foster parents get emotionally attached to the child taken away,

Some foster parents do their best to give love in their home,

Then CPS takes the child away.


Why take the child away from the biological parent?

CPS says the biological parent isn’t fit to be a parent,

Thus, CPS takes them to a foster parent,

Then CPS says “never mind, we want to take them back to the unfit biological parent,”

CPS proves that they don’t care about the foster parent.


No, it isn’t easy to be a foster parent,

The child goes into a home with psychological issues,

Those issues are sometimes so hard for the foster parent,

After all, a foster parent doesn’t always have a degree on psychological issues,

Yet they do their best as a foster parent.


Does that mean CPS cares about the child?

No, CPS puts the child back with an unfit biological parent,

No, CPS kicks out the foster kid from the system when they stop being a child,

No, CPS takes the child away from a loving foster parent,

No, CPS doesn’t really care about the child.


House Rules (Poem)

My dogs were there in sickness,

My dogs were there in heartbreak,

I’ll always be thankful my dogs were there in sickness,

I’ll always be thankful my dogs were there in heartbreak,

Life would’ve been much harder without my dogs in heartbreak and sickness.


Yet my dogs don’t like strangers in our home,

Thus, the foster agency made us choose between our dogs and foster child,

In the end, we chose to keep our dogs in our home,

In the end, we gave up on the foster child,

After all, my husband and I are the only ones who can give rules in our home.


So this is what I say “our home, our rules,”

We choose who is allowed in our home,

Strangers aren’t allowed to come in and make rules,

After all, I despised being told what I could and couldn’t do in my parents home,

It was a relief to finally have my own rules.

Never A Parent (Poem)

We looked forward to kids together,

Then information made us give up on a foster child,

We got sad together,

We chose not to adopt a foster child,

We chose to be happy together.


We also thought of domestic adoption,

Sadly, domestic adoption is a lot of money,

Thus, we gave up on domestic adoption,

We don’t have the money,

We chose to be happy without adoption.


Yes, it’s hard for me because I wanted to be a mother,

I wanted my husband to be a father,

Yet some of us aren’t meant to be a mother,

Some of us aren’t meant to be a father,

Yet it’s up to us to choose whether we want to be happy with the fact of never being a father or a mother.

Goodness (Poem)

Be proud of yourself when your heart is still good,

It isn’t easy to be kind when many have hurt you,

Praise yourself for still being good,

Do your best to see the amazing you,

After all, the hurtful people didn’t manage to destroy the good.


Remember walking away from hurtful people doesn’t mean you aren’t good,

Walking away just means you aren’t allowing others to take advantage of your goodness,

Only good people deserve your good,

You’ll see more good when you surround yourself with goodness,

After all, the hurtful people can sometimes make it hard to see the good.

Dogs (Poem)

I looked away for a little bit,

When I turned around my dog was gone,

He chose to run away when I looked away for a little bit,

Panic hit at the idea that my dog was gone,

I wondered how far he had gone in that bit.


I ran around in my pajamas and robe,

I probably looked like a crazy lady,

I didn’t even bother to get out of my pajamas and robe,

I didn’t care if I looked like a crazy lady,

I knew I didn’t have enough time to change out of my pajamas and robe.


Thankfully my other dog didn’t choose to follow,

Thankfully I heard the neighbor dogs barking,

I praised my other dog for choosing not to follow,

Glad the dog that ran away got scared of the barking,

It was because of the barking that my dog stopped when I chose to follow.


I cried with relief when my dogs were safe inside the home,

My dogs chose to lay down in our bed after the adventure,

Yet a comfy home doesn’t stop them from running away from home,

These dogs still want to go on an adventure,

I just want them to always stay safe at home.

Silliness (Poem)

He says “Tell me when you’re upset,”

I don’t always tell him,

Instead, I put on loud music when I’m upset,

I sing and I wait for him,

Yet there have been times when he fell asleep while I was upset.


I look at him with hurt while he’s sleeping,

How could he fall asleep while I was crying?

So I ask “Are you really sleeping?”

He responds in his sleep without realizing I was crying,

I just want to lay down and kick him off the bed for sleeping.


Days pass and we laugh at my silliness,

Realizing how silly it is to act like a child instead of telling him that I’m upset,

I’ll always be grateful that he laughs at my silliness,

Grateful that we always sit down afterward and discuss why I was upset,

Proving that it’s good to talk and laugh at the silliness.

Realization (Poem)

You knew I was leaving,

All my clothes were gone from the closet,

Yet you didn’t like that I was the first that was leaving,

You planned to hurt me when you saw the empty closet,

The images of you and another appeared when I was leaving.


You threw away my photo,

Sexual photos of you and another were replaced in your phone,

You made it clear you weren’t going to stop me from leaving when you threw away my photo,

A few days later you were breaking up with me through the phone,

It was a relationship that never meant anything just like the thrown away photo.


The hard part of this relationship was that we lived together,

It was hard to realize that I was sleeping next to a cheater,

Yet it was that realization that made me grateful we weren’t together,

After all, it would’ve been so many years of misery if I stayed with a cheater,

Thus, you gave me the greatest gift for saying “We shouldn’t be together.”

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