It feels like I’m drowning,

It’s getting harder to breathe,

I want to scream, “Help me I’m drowning,”

I keep telling myself, “Come on breathe,”

Nobody seems to care that I’m drowning.


I’m lifting my head up to the sky,

I’m getting further away,

Is there an angel in the sky?

Will the angel take me away?

Will I be part of the sky?


I convince myself that leaving is what I want,

Why am I crying?

Why aren’t I leaving with a smile if this is what I want?

Why am I hoping that someone or something would stop me from dying?

Why is my soul saying dying isn’t what I truly want?


Wanting to live has me breathing again,

Wanting to live has me fighting,

Wanting to live has me saying, “I’m going to give life a chance again,”

I won’t stop trying,

This is a new beginning again.