Don’t look at me with love in your eyes,

You are scaring me,

I’m scared of believing what I see in your eyes,

Please stop looking at me,

Please don’t lie to me with those eyes.


I don’t want to love,

I don’t want to be loved,

Lord please help me I’m falling in love,

Lord I want to be loved,

Please don’t believe the words I don’t want to be loved or I don’t want to love.


I’m not trying to play a game,

It might look like it because I’m afraid of getting hurt,

Please believe that this isn’t a game,

Can you promise that this love won’t hurt?

Do you see our love as a game?


I’m sorry if I have love issues,

I wish I would’ve met you before my heart got broken,

Can you please help me overcome my issues?

Help me heal what has been broken,

Can you love me even with these issues?