I lost it all,

You gave me a chance,

I was really depressed when I lost it all,

You slowly helped me get out of my depression when you gave me a chance,

Thank you for being the light when I lost it all.


I didn’t earn a lot of money with you,

Yet that small amount was better than nothing,

I slowly achieved my dreams because of the money I earned with you,

I slowly went from having nothing to something,

I’ll always be grateful to you.


I hesitated when I was trying to resign,

I felt I owed you,

Yet you made it okay to resign,

You gave kind words even after I said goodbye to you,

Later you said it was layoff and not resign.


I wasn’t angry that you let me go,

I knew it was time to go,

You knew it was time to let me go,

I am now in the right career path because you let me go,

That’s why I can smile and not look back with regret as I go.