He wanted to be with me,

I was fighting to live,

It was hard to end my life while he was with me,

He kept telling me to live,

He kept telling me he’ll never leave me.


Thus, I fought to live,

He fought to keep me alive and to keep me in his life,

His love wasn’t enough to make me want to live,

He got tired of being in my life,

I was left alone with the decision of whether I wanted to live.


He moved on with someone else,

I battled my demons alone,

I cried while I watched him love someone else,

It was better to be alone,

It was better that he loved someone else.


I needed to find a reason to live,

I didn’t need to give a chance to anyone as long as I didn’t want to live,

All that mattered was finding a reason to live,

I didn’t need to rely on others to live,

I needed to rely on myself to live.