I want to fight destiny,

I don’t want this!

Why destiny?

Why are you making me go through this?

Why can’t I win against destiny?


I’m falling to my knees,

I’m sobbing and saying, “I don’t want this,” over and over,

I’m begging destiny with the word, “Please.”

Yet destiny still makes me go through this as I wonder when it would be over,

I just want to stay on my knees.


I’m trying not to hate life,

I don’t want to make my life harder,

Yet it’s hard to stop myself from saying, “I hate life,”

Life feels like it’s getting harder,

Why couldn’t I ever have an easy life?


Wishing for an easy life is making me unhappy,

I’m wishing for the impossible,

Wanting the impossible is making me unhappy,

I know I must learn to accept the possible,

I must learn to accept the hard life so I’ll stop being unhappy.


Yet I want to complain like I child,

I want to kick and scream as I say, “I don’t want to,”

Still I’m not a child,

An adult sometimes has to do things that they don’t want to,

It’s in hard times that I get jealous of a child.


It would be nice to be free of adult burdens,

It would be nice to be able to enjoy life without adult burdens,

Yet an adult can’t escape the burdens,

An adult can only learn to accept the burdens,

That’s when you’ll be able to enjoy life even with the burdens.