Everything about the officer is making me angry,

The way he stands is making me angry,

The way he looks at me is making me angry,

The way he speaks is making me angry,

His cockiness is making me angry.


It’s the law versus a human,

The law tries to act like it cares about you,

Yet the law doesn’t always protect the human,

The law doesn’t always care about you,

The law wants power over a human.


The officer might be doing something illegal on the side,

The officer might treat you with disrespect,

Yes, some officers use their power to do illegal stuff on the side,

Yet no matter what you better respect,

You’ll probably be fined or jailed for getting on their bad side.


Don’t you agree?

Does it make you dislike officers?

How many people do you think would agree?

Yes, it’s both the criminals and innocents that dislike officers,

Pay attention and you’ll see.