I used to think panic was bad,

Then I realized panic wanted me healthy,

It said, “Negative thoughts are bad,”

It said, “Positive thoughts are healthy,”

It wanted me to let go of what was bad.


Panic wasn’t letting me eat anything unhealthy,

Panic wanted me to eat healthy,

It wanted me to let go of all the greasy that was unhealthy,

It was fruits and vegetables that were healthy,

No more drinks that were unhealthy.


More water,

I had to get used to drinking mostly water,

Good water,

Healthy water,

The body needs water.


Panic said let go of all the people who stress me,

Panic only wanted me to hang out with people who were best for me,

Panic didn’t want me to hang out with people who were bad for me,

Panic showed the people who didn’t truly care about me,

Panic caused the bad people to leave me.


You see panic only wanted me to live a healthy life,

A stress free life,

A happy life,

It wanted me to see the good in life,

Panic said, “I deserve the good and healthy life.”