A child won’t repair a relationship,

A child won’t make you two stay together forever,

A child will be hurt if he/she enters into a bad relationship,

A child might have scars forever,

Don’t stay in a bad relationship.


Think about the child when in a relationship,

Want the best for the child,

A child wasn’t asked if he/she wanted to enter the bad relationship,

Don’t scar the child,

Choose a better life for the child instead of a bad relationship.


A beautiful family is when there’s true love in the relationship,

A sad family is when a couple stays for the child,

It can still be a beautiful family without being with the one who adds bad to the relationship,

All you need is to become a beautiful family with just you and the child,

Don’t show the child that it’s okay to stay in a bad relationship.


Show the child that he/she should stay only in a loving relationship,

Show yourself that you deserve to be truly loved,

Don’t let the child and you settle for a bad relationship,

You both deserve to be truly loved,

You both deserve a good relationship.