Hold me I’m afraid of this illness,

No, stay away from me,

Don’t see me battle this illness,

Please don’t leave me,

I don’t want to lose you because of this illness.


Don’t stop loving me because of this illness,

I wish I didn’t have an illness,

I’m feeling sorry for myself because of this illness,

I’m putting myself down because of this illness,

I’m lowering my worth because of this illness.


I feel I’m taking you into my world of misery because of my battle,

I’m saying, “I should let you go,”

I’m saying, “I should fight my own battle,”

I don’t want to let you go,

I can’t stand seeing you unhappy because of my battle.


I know if you truly love me you’ll stay,

I feel that I should let you go if I truly love you,

I don’t want you to lose yourself if you stay,

I want to see a happy you,

Still part of me wishes that you’ll stay.


Why does love have to be so hard because of an illness?

Why can’t we have a love without this illness?

My heart is breaking because of this illness,

My heart is breaking because we’re questioning our love because of this illness,

I’m sorry love for having a body has to deal with this illness.