I didn’t want to be left alone,

I couldn’t say the words, “Please don’t leave me,”

I couldn’t say, “I don’t want to be alone,”

My vulnerability didn’t let me,

Now I’m alone.


I was trying so hard not to cry,

I closed my eyes,

I did my best to hide that I wanted to cry,

I didn’t want you to read my eyes,

Now I’m alone and that makes me want to cry.


I wanted to be held by you,

Yet I tried to convince you that I was okay,

I didn’t try to hold on to you,

I wasn’t okay,

I didn’t want to say good-bye to you.


Still it’s my fault for letting you go,

I should’ve told you the truth,

I should’ve said that I didn’t want you to go,

I shouldn’t have let my vulnerability stop me from uttering the truth,

Now I have to learn how to be okay that I let you go.