I thought I was going to leave this world without meeting you,

Thus, I made a wish,

I didn’t want to die without meeting you,

Yes, meeting you before I died was my wish,

I’m so thankful I finally got to meet you.


I said, “I want a love that treats me right before I die,”

It sadden me so much to think I’ll die always being mistreated,

I said, “Please let me find my love before I die,”

I said, “I want to finally know how it feels to be treated right and not always mistreated,”

Someone heard, “Please whoever is listening let me find my love before I die.”


I can finally die a happy woman because I found my love,

It’s a wonderful feeling to know that I can leave this world knowing how it feels to be truly loved,

I can die with a smile because of my love,

My soul can die in peace because it’s loved truly loved,

I’m truly blessed to have been granted the wish of love.