I’m so itchy,

Please scratch me,

I can’t stand being itchy,

Please don’t stop scratching me,

It feels so good to be scratched when I’m itchy.


I say, “To the right,”

I say, “There,”

I say, “A little more to the right,”

I say, “There,”

It feels so wonderful when he gets it right.


Now to the left,

I say, “Yes, yes, right there,”

I say, “A little more to the left,”

I say, “Stop right there,”

Yes, I even find it wonderful on the left.


Now it’s up and down,

Scratch me up,

Scratch me down,

I say, “More, more up,”

I say, “More, more down.”


His scratches makes me say, “He’s the best I ever had,”

I don’t mind the scratch marks,

Glad I can say I have him and not I had,

I want more scratch marks or love marks,

I want to keep feeling his scratch marks when I’m itchy and keep saying, “He’s the best I ever had.”