Secrets are only secrets if you don’t tell another,

Secrets told no longer become a secret,

Even those trusted might tell another,

Yet it’s your choice whether you should or shouldn’t tell your secret,

You become the beginning cycle of telling another.


Don’t get angry at another for telling your secret,

You started the cycle of telling another,

Still there are some secrets that are better not being a secret,

There are some secrets that should be told to another,

A secret that makes you unhappy shouldn’t remain a secret.


Sometimes you must tell your secret in order to be happy,

Sometimes what you need isn’t to keep silent about the secret,

Sometimes what you need is to learn how to face the consequences of telling the secret just to be happy,

It’s about whether you are happy or unhappy with keeping the secret,

The question you should ask yourself when it comes to secrets is, “Are you afraid, sad, or are you happy?”