The tears fell as I gazed into the mirror,

The painful physical scars that I couldn’t seem to love,

All I could see were what I considered imperfections in the mirror,

The eyes in the mirror were saying, “You aren’t someone who I love,”

I hated the one in the mirror.


My own voice uttered cruel words to the one in the mirror,

The words of others were also cruel,

Nobody seemed to love the pitiful one in the mirror,

The soul was begging for someone to love me and not be cruel,

Still I struggled to love the one in the mirror.


I cried the words, “You are ugly,”

I convince myself that I was ugly,

The world convinced me that I was ugly,

My soul was crying, “Please don’t call me ugly,”

My soul was begging to be called beautiful and not ugly.


Then experience shattered the definition of beauty,

The eyes in the mirror began to change,

I created my own definition of beauty,

My own view of beauty began to change,

The negative voices stopped being heard as the mirror showed me the truth of beauty.