Don’t tell me it’s over when I still love you,

Don’t tell me “let’s just be friends” when I still love you,

My heart can’t handle hearing those words from you,

Please don’t even say, “I don’t love you,”

Please give me enough time to get over you.


Sadly, a break up like that doesn’t always happen,

Sadly, the other person sometimes tells you it’s over,

A break up that was meant to happen,

Knowing that still doesn’t make it easy to accept that it’s over,

Even the heartache was meant to happen.


Sadly, the other person says, “Let’s just be friends,”

I haven’t ever been someone who wanted to be friends with an ex,

I learned that it would hurt more when an ex tells you about his new love because ya’ll are just friends,

I learned that healing works better when you walk away from an ex,

Besides you deserve more than just friends.


Sadly, you’ll eventually have to accept that the other person doesn’t love you,

You’ll have to convince yourself that it’s okay that he doesn’t love you,

You’ll have to find a way to be happy after hearing “I don’t love you,”

After all, your life shouldn’t end when someone stops loving you,

Perhaps you might even find someone better who’ll truly love you.