You said I was bad at sex,

What can I say?

You weren’t the first to complain about the sex,

What else can I say?

I wasn’t the only one having sex.


You never questioned why I was bad at sex,

You just did your best to make me feel bad,

Then walked away acting like it was because of the bad sex,

Stressing every time I had sex because I truly thought I was bad,

Never realizing that only the right one will truly love the sex.


The right one had patience when it came to my fear,

He slowly helped me deal with my fear,

I slowly let go of the fear,

Sex began to change after I let go of the fear,

Now I can finally enjoy the sex because there’s no fear.


Perhaps I was bad at sex,

Yet you weren’t a good lover,

A good lover would’ve figure out what it took to let go during sex,

All you were was a mean lover,

That’s why I couldn’t ever let go of my fear during sex.