The reason to commit suicide varies by individual,

There’s usually no “that’s a wrong reason” to commit suicide in their mind,

There is usually a “it’s so hard” kind of thinking with the individual,

The hardship gets louder and louder in the mind,

There’s usually no other solution in the mind of the individual.


Outsiders can see the solution because it isn’t their struggle,

Other’s try to voice the solution that can seem so simple,

Thus, it’s up to the individual to want to overcome the struggle,

Only then can they start noticing a solution that’s either hard or simple,

Only then can they cut the chains of the struggle.


You see I learned that this world has many intelligent people,

It was discovered through many readings and meetings,

Thus, my own solution was found by the help of intelligent people,

My own solution was found through many readings and meetings,

Thus, I say, “Cut the chains and go seek the intelligent people.”