That dude shot his boss,

Didn’t want to get fired,

Thought it would be better to shoot the boss,

Thought killing himself was better than getting fired,

Didn’t like the idea of finding another boss.


How many of us dislike our boss?

Yet we don’t all shoot our boss,

Not worth shooting the boss,

I say just find another boss,

Maybe you’ll get lucky and find a better boss.


Truthfully, I don’t even like my own boss,

I’m in a desperate search for another boss,

I don’t plan on settling with this boss,

Why should any of us settle with a lousy boss?

Why settle when there’s a possibility of finding a good boss?


In fact, we can even be our own boss,

Being our own boss isn’t an impossible dream,

Better to fight for that dream instead of settling with a lousy boss,

Don’t need a boss that shatters our happy dream,

What we all need is a boss that helps us with the happy dream.