You can afford what you want with your money,

You don’t need me to be a burden,

Reach your goals with your money,

Walk away from this burden,

I would never be able to help you with money.


Soon I’ll walk away from this job because this is too much for me,

I’ll be unable to help you with your goals,

Perhaps you weren’t meant for me,

Perhaps someone else would have the money to help you with your goals,

I don’t feel that’s me.


Buy that expensive car that you want,

I shouldn’t stop you,

Buy that expensive house that you want,

I doubt I’ll be able to help you,

Truthfully, I want you to have all that you want.


Yes, I want that expensive house too,

Yet I won’t rely on you to get that dream,

I want to be able to help out too,

Or else I don’t want that dream,

I rather live without you than have you give up on your dream too.