For years I was scared of you,

For years I was scared of dogs,

Eventually, I stopped being scared of you,

Eventually, I had a different view of dogs,

Yet it became too late for me and you.


For years you didn’t have a name,

Until this year I chose to call you big dog,

I felt that was the right name,

You were the oldest and the biggest dog,

I’m glad in the end I gave you a name.


You were lonely and I was lonely,

It breaks my heart that I was too scared to comfort you,

We could’ve been there for each other when we were lonely,

Yet it’s now too late for me and you,

Still, I’m glad we got another dog to help you stop being lonely.


Yet I am sorry I didn’t give you a lot of love,

Big dog I’m sorry for not being there for you,

I hope heaven is giving you a lot of love,

Hopefully, grandma takes great care of you,

Grandma will always have lots of love.