Beautiful is what I should call myself,

Doesn’t it sound conceited?

Isn’t it better instead of hating myself?

No, I’m not trying to sound conceited,

I’m just trying to heal myself.


For so long I cried because of who I saw in the mirror,

So tell me why should I keep crying?

Why can’t I tell myself “you are beautiful” as I look in the mirror?

Thus, I’m doing my best to disregard what others say so I’ll stop crying,

I want to see myself smile as I look in the mirror.


Perhaps others might dislike me for learning to love my image,

I think it’s silly that they’re so focused on how I look,

Why don’t they focus on their own image?

Why do they care so much about my look?

Perhaps they’re focusing more on me because they actually don’t like their own image?