My past contains a lot of goodbyes,

My heart hurt so much at first,

Eventually, my heart hardened with the goodbyes,

Eventually, I became the one who said goodbye first,

Still, I never enjoyed the goodbyes.


Truthfully, I thought I was done with goodbye,

Yet today I was proven wrong,

I’m about to say goodbye,

I feel staying is wrong,

I feel it’s right to say goodbye.


So how would I say goodbye?

I would harden my heart and walk away,

My mouth won’t utter a goodbye,

I won’t let anyone know that I’m walking away,

That’s the way I’ll say goodbye.


Why won’t I utter goodbye?

I won’t say goodbye because I know I won’t be missed,

All the time I shared showed no one is going to care if I say goodbye,

Yet I truly don’t care if I won’t be missed,

I won’t care because deep down I know there’s a good in this type of goodbye.