The police found our vehicle,

A 7th grader had stolen our vehicle,

A 7th grader had learned how to unlock and lock our vehicle,

It’s truly sad that a 7th grader was a homeless living in our vehicle,

Thus, we chose not to put this 7th grader in jail for stealing our vehicle.


Yet this event led to our moving decision,

We’re saying goodbye to a condo we once loved,

Yes, my own fear and worry of the thief led to our decision,

Now I’m hoping the next home is going to be loved,

Now I’m hoping the next house is truly the best decision.


I truly hope our next home is safe,

I guess we won’t truly know until we move there,

Sad that the condo went from feeling safe to unsafe,

I guess we weren’t always meant to live there,

After all, we wouldn’t have moved so soon if the condo continued to feel safe.