Siblings with the same parents,

Yet different than my sibling,

It feels like I’m the one disliked by my parents,

All because I wasn’t like my sibling,

All because I’m different than my parents.


Outsiders didn’t accept me because I was different,

Wasn’t accepted by my family because I was different,

Thus, many tried to make me feel it was wrong to be different,

Many wanted me to change because they didn’t like that I was different,

However, my husband became the only one who made it okay to be different.


Truthfully, I love who I currently am,

I’m just so sad that my family can’t accept the person I am,

Thus, I chose to stop speaking to my family because they didn’t accept me as I am,

Perhaps they’ll never accept me as I am,

Yet I’m going to do my best to be happy to only speak to people who accept me as I am.