Goodbye Stress (Poem)

Are you here to bring me stress?

Sorry, I’m not that nice,

I say goodbye to people who bring stress,

I don’t care if you don’t think I’m nice,

You aren’t nice for wanting to give me stress.


Stress comes when you have bad intentions,

Stress comes when you are inconsiderate,

Sorry, I don’t accept anyone with bad intentions,

Sorry, I don’t accept anyone who is inconsiderate,

You must be considerate and have good intentions.


Truthfully, I learned from my past,

I learned that I rather enjoy my life,

I don’t want to cry like my past,

I want a  happy life,

So, those who aren’t good for me will remain in the past.

Evil Sibling (Poem)

She’s an evil sibling,

She’s trying to separate her brother and me,

She’s a selfish sibling,

She wants to get rid of me,

Karma will eventually get this evil sibling.


People pay a price when they interfere in a marriage,

She plays the victim and her brother falls for it,

I see what she’s doing to our marriage,

I won’t fall for it,

Yes, she’s truly an evil sibling for trying to separate our marriage.


I almost gave up on my marriage because of her,

Then I prayed and got the courage to fight,

It’s now a fight between me and her,

I won’t give up on this fight,

I won’t give up on this marriage because of her.

The Good and The Terrible (Poem)

Drugs and alcohol are his love,

A crazy fool who hit his wife,

A crazy fool who got lucky with love,

A crazy fool who doesn’t deserve his wife,

A crazy fool that can’t give up on either love.


Years later he took out a knife on his wife,

He is an addict that doesn’t know how lucky he is,

He is an addict that could’ve killed his wife,

He is a jerk is what he is,

He is a jerk that doesn’t deserve his wife.


He is someone who made me believe that all men hit women,

He and his father are someone who made me hate men,

He and his father are men who don’t deserve good women,

Sadly, there are some good women who stay with terrible men,

All I can do is hope that good women leave the terrible men and meet a man that knows how to respect women.


Credit (Poem)

You’re trying to take credit for my hard work,

I’m going unheard,

No one is hearing, “This is my hard work,”

I feel like I’m losing as I continue to get unheard,

I’m so frustrated to know that someone is getting credit for my work.


I hardly sleep as I work hard,

My body and my mind are tired,

How am I supposed to accept that someone is getting credit when I’m the one that worked hard?

She isn’t tired,

I’m the one that worked so hard.


I wish I knew what I’m supposed to do,

Yet all I could do is feel the stress build inside me,

All I could do is watch someone take credit for what I do,

She’s living without stress because of me.

It’s so unfair that someone is living an easier life because she’s taking credit for I do.


I guess for now I can only brainstorm,

Perhaps I’ll find a solution,

Perhaps I’ll find a way to prove that I’m the one that did the hard work after the brainstorm,

I just know that I’m not ready to give up on finding a solution,

Thus, I’ll continue to brainstorm.


Extremely Angry (Poem)

I’m angry,

I feel like a wild animal that is caged,

Extremely angry,

I feel like attacking because I don’t want to be caged,

It’s so hard to stop being angry.


She’s bigger,

Yet my anger doesn’t care,

It’s hard to care that she is bigger,

I’m so angry to care,

The nerve to try to cage me just because she’s bigger.


Unsure why life brings bigger people to bring hurt,

Does life want me to keep fighting people?

I’m so tired of getting hurt,

I’m so tired of arguing with people,

Thankfully, life eventually removes the people that only brings anger and hurt.

You’re Hurt (Poem)

Admit when you’re hurt,

Don’t hurt others to hide the hurt,

Hurting others won’t remove the hurt,

Hurting others won’t give you the comfort that you want when you’re hurt,

Hurting others means you’ll continue to hurt.


You don’t like when others hurt you,

Why hurt others if you don’t like it when it’s done to you?

What happens if this person gets comforted by someone else after getting hurt by you?

Who is there to comfort you?

After all, who wants to stay by your side and get hurt by you?


No one wants to get hurt,

Some might endure the pain temporarily,

Yet no one truly wants a forever hurt,

So, do you want a temporary hurt or a person that stays temporarily?

To let go of the hurt can sometimes mean that you’ll find that person that will choose forever instead of staying temporarily.

Dreamed (Poem)

I dreamed of marriage,

I got depressed when a relationship didn’t turn into a marriage,

He didn’t dream of marriage,

I asked for marriage,

Our relationship turned into marriage.


Marriage has been hard for me,

Marriage hasn’t been hard for him,

I struggled because of me,

I didn’t struggle because of him,

It’s my own demons that made it hard for me.


He asks, “Why did we even get married?”

I don’t always know the right answer,

All I know is that deep down we were meant to be married,

We are what each other needs is the answer,

We are married because we want to be married.