Psychology Poetry

Psychology Poetry

Future Child (Poem)

Our future child isn’t with us,

Our future child is in a group or foster home,

Our future child is praying for us,

Our future child is longing for a home,

Our future child is meant to be with us.


Without us, the child would be alone in this world,

You must face the world alone when you turn eighteen,

That’s the heartbreaking truth of the group and foster world,

Thus, many don’t go the right path when they turn eighteen,

Many become disappointed in this world.


Sadly, we can’t give a home to all these children,

Yet we’ll do our best to give a home to those we can give a home to,

Perhaps the future would have less heartbroken children,

Praying for those we can’t help is all we can do,

After all, it isn’t their fault that they became heartbroken children.


The Future (Poem)

To give up or to fight,

What is my future like?

Give me a reason to fight,

Please tell me what my future is like,

I need the motivation to fight.


What if you knew you were held in the future?

What if you knew that you were smiling in the future?

What if there was so much happiness in the future?

What if you knew that you weren’t alone in the future?

Who doesn’t want to know that they’ll have a great future?


So what do we do?

We live with the hope that we’ll have a better future,

That’s what you should do,

You should believe in the positive so you can fight for the future,

Perhaps in the future, you’ll be smiling happily when you say “I do.”

Supposed to Believe (Poem)


Should you believe the brain or the heart?

What should you believe?

Love says to believe the heart,

So is that what you’re supposed to believe?


Tell me do you believe the heart that says “I love this person” when you’re getting physically abused?

Should you believe the brain that says “this isn’t what love is supposed to be?”

Should you believe the heart “I love this person” when you’re getting emotionally abused?

Should you believe the brain that says “this isn’t what love is supposed to be?”

The answer is “someone who loves you doesn’t want you to ever get abused.”


You won’t accept any abuse if you love yourself,

Your other half won’t abuse you,

You’ll choose to walk away from the abuser with a broken heart if you love yourself,

You won’t listen to your heart if you love you,

After all, staying with the abuser means losing the chance with someone who is truly meant for you.



Healed World (Poem)

It’s okay to say “I am hurt,”

It isn’t okay to say “I am hurt so I should hurt others,”

Hurting the ones that hurt you won’t remove the hurt,

The hurt won’t go away if you hurt others,

It’s okay to say “I’m going to walk away from those that cause hurt.”


I learned hurt can blind me,

I couldn’t see that there was a path of good people,

I believed everyone wanted to hurt me,

I didn’t believe there were good people,

The hurtful people blinded me.


Thus, I kneeled and prayed to heal my broken heart,

I also prayed that I won’t hurt others,

It took years to heal my broken heart,

The world started to look different when I said “I don’t want to hurt others,”

I began to see the good people when I healed and cherished my heart.

Kids Path (Poem)

The doctor said you might not be able to have your own kids,

My phobia said I can’t have my own kids,

I told myself “It’s okay, I don’t have to give birth to my own kids,”

I said “There are a lot of foster kids,”

I said, “The foster kids will be my kids.”


The adoption agencies cost a lot of money,

Thus, I chose a foster agency,

I didn’t have a lot of money,

It felt so hard to adopt from a foster agency,

Yet a foster agency didn’t cost a lot of money.


The hard part was getting through the required training classes,

I tried to convince myself I’ll be fine without kids,

It felt so hard to complete all the required foster classes,

I got depressed at the idea of actually living a life without kids,

However, I was able to attend classes and remain because of the kind people in classes.



Depression (Poem)

Depression hits me when I’m taken,

It can be so hard to overcome the depression,

It’s harder because I’m taken,

A relationship can have issues because of depression,

Depression can hurt another when you’re taken.


He has his own worries and wants me to comfort him,

I want to get comfort because I’m so depressed,

Thus, I end up constantly arguing with him,

I say “Let’s go our separate ways since I’m always depressed,”

I tell him to find someone better for him.


I think about how I desperately wanted someone when I was single,

When I was single I wanted to get comfort when I was depressed,

It hurt so much to be single,

Yet I don’t want him to deal with me when I’m depressed,

Thus, I rather hurt alone and be single.


I used to believe true love would overcome anything,

When I got married I realized true love is about wanting the other happy,

True love doesn’t mean we can overcome everything,

What’s the point of staying for love when the other isn’t happy?

At times life just says “your love wasn’t meant to overcome everything.”

Isn’t Easy (Poem)

Associates, Bachelor, and Masters are all that I have,

None of these degrees were easy to obtain,

Yet a job isn’t what I have,

A job also isn’t easy to obtain,

It doesn’t matter how many degrees that I have.


Still, I didn’t give up on obtaining my degree,

I’m still pursuing my education,

I’m still trying to get a doctorate degree,

I’m so grateful for the state colleges and universities that provide online education,

Online education made it possible to achieve my goal of obtaining a degree.


Now I have to keep trying to obtain a telecommute job,

I have years of telecommuting experience,

Thus, I know it’s possible to get another telecommute job,

Yet it isn’t easy even with experience,

I still cry because I get tired of working so hard for a degree and job.


Yes, I want to take a break from all this fighting,

Yet a break won’t give me a job,

No one is going to do my fighting,

I’m the only one that can get my own job,

Thus, I’ll keep fighting.

Class (Poem)

Classes are required for my goal,

There’s no way to escape it,

Should I give up on my goal?

I try to convince myself that I don’t want it,

Not wanting it would make it hurt less to give up on my goal.


Claustrophobia makes it feel like the class is a cage,

I want to get out and breathe the outside air,

My mind says “I don’t want to stay in this cage,”

When I’m in the cage it feels like I’m not getting enough air,

Although articles say anxiety means you’re getting a lot of air.


Thus, I try to find reasons to enjoy the class,

My breathing slowly calms down,

I’m able to stay until the end of class,

It makes me thankful that I was able to calm down,

It makes me proud that I was able to stay in class.

Why (Poem)


I don’t know the reason why,

Please tell me the reason why,

Help me accept with a non-hurtful why,

Help me accept what I can’t change with a good why.


My brain is putting me down,

My brain isn’t convincing me that I should be glad that this happened,

Please tell me the why that won’t keep me down,

Help me say “I’m glad that this happened,”

Or I’ll keep crying while I’m down.


Perhaps you don’t care that I’m crying,

I’m just asking that you put yourself in my place,

Wouldn’t that make you feel like crying?

Wouldn’t you be asking for good why if you were in my place?

So please give me a good why that would stop the hurting and the crying.

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